Got Android [Gingerbread] and want to run J2ME JAD/JAR (emulate J2ME app)?

*Root-ed Android is required

This guide will help you to install J2ME emulator on your Android (mine is Gingerbread).

Case 1 : You have CMW (ClockWorldMod) installed.

  • Copy to your phone (
  • Go to CMW recovery mode
  • Flash the zip

Case 2 : Manual (I haven’t tested it – Do it with your own risk :p )

  • Copy Jbed.apk ( to /system/app
  • Copy ( to /system/lib
  • Reboot your android

After success installation you will see application “java” it can scan your sdcard for JAD & JAR file.


Java ME (J2ME) JSON Implementation For Array Object

One of the comment in JSON ME tutorial ( asking about how to parse this kind of JSON :

{”api_status”: ”OK”,”threads”: [{"tid": "2","title": "First Title" }, { "tid": "4", "title": "this is 2nd Title"}]}
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Jimmy's Blog – ISO 8583 Tutorial – Build and Parse ISO Message using JPOS library

ISO 8583 Tutorial article

In the beginning

OK after my article about ISO 8583 let’s go deeper into programming using Java + JPOS library.

Quote from JPOS website:

jPOS is a Java® platform-based, mission-critical, ISO-8583 based financial transaction library/framework that can be customized and extended in order to implement financial interchanges.

So first thing to do is download JPOS from it website.

Then we setup our development environment by creating Java Project using your favorites IDE. Add to the project all jar in JPOS library.
Here’s my Eclipse  package explorer looks like.
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Jimmy's Blog – Slide Number Puzzle Game with Echo2 Framework

I’m checking Echo2 framework these couple days and try to make a simple game just to get to know the framework better.
Since I’m not a JavaScript expert it’s good to know that there’s framework that I can use to create AJAX web app with desktop feel easily.
The game is about re-ordering number by moving number to the empty space. It’s simple and fun, this sample is hardcoded to only support 3×3 size.

I assume you know Java, JSP, Servlet basics.
Download Echo 2 from : Echo2 Website
I personally use Eclipse for my IDE.

Step by step:
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Jimmy's Blog – Send & Receiving SMS on specific Port with J2ME Application

It’s been a while since I write an article, personal and work have been taken my time much lately.

What I will write is not a new things, maybe a lot of article already write this kind of feature. But yesterday I see this kind of project request in so I decide to create a simple sample and write an article about it.

Java Mobile (J2ME) application have a capability to send or receive SMS, but the phone need to support JSR-120 (Wireless Messaging API – WMA 1.0) or JSR-205 (WMA 2.0)
How to check if the phone is supporting this? Easy way if the phone’s brand website. For example for Nokia E72 we can see the technical specifications at
If your phone doesn’t have WMA library the application will prompt error (the error can be different from one phone to another)
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Basic LWUIT tutorial/sample with Eclipse Pulsar

I was really want to try LWUIT since several months ago. It’s look promising and it’s developed by SUN so I think every Java ME developer should take a look on this technology.
I’m also still new in LWUIT so there won’t be a lot that I can share for now, but at least I will show you a basic demonstration of how to use Form, Label, Command, and 3D Form transition (sound cool huh :p)


What you need:

  1. LWUIT
  2. Eclipse Pulsa
  3. Emulator like Sun WTK
  4. Know basic Java ME programming :) Continue reading

Bind JBoss to specific IP address

Simple but I think it will help JBoss newbie (like me :]) when searching the internet.

By default when you run JBoss ( ./ in Linux) it will bind to localhost/
This will cause the JBoss default port 8080 cannot be access from other computer, because you need to open instead of your IP http://<your IP>:8080/ Continue reading

Java Application – Make sure only single/one instance running – with File Lock and ShutdownHook

Often we want to make sure that only 1 instance our application running.
Because something terrible could happen when more than 1 instance running (for example the whole server would exploded and that would make you fired ;) )

Nevertheless what the reason, one of the way to make this happen is by creating a lock file as a sign that an instance is currently running.
So you application will have this flow: Continue reading