Buying Sun Certification Voucher

After studying SCJP for 1 month, I finally have the courage to buy the voucher.
I called several prometric, at Metrodata the offered me voucher for US$200, at Inixindo US$110
I wonder why the price is a lot higher at Metrodata, almost twice higher…
So at 12 o’clock I take my motorcycle and go to Inixindo at Permata Senayan
After asking direction twice finally I arrived at Inixindo
The receptionists are girls and well dressed ;) 50% a spg :p
So I after writing my personal data and pay the voucher, she give me the voucher and promise to make confirmation 2 days before the exam…
O yeah.. I’m planning to have the exam at Monday Dec 11, 2006

Wish me luck guys…..

First Post

Hurray :D

I’m starting my own blog…
It’s all because of Dewa idea to make blog for BTN (Bocah Tua Nakal) group :p
Check out the blog at

Anyway, maybe it’s a good idea to writing about myself :p