Learn some PHP and see variable function names (omg)

Because my current team consist Java & PHP programmers I start to learn some PHP basic, point of view, and it’s programmer paradigm :)

I learn that this code is actually works :-p


$someVariable = “anyName”;
$name = “Jimmy”;


function anyName($name) {
echo “$name, Hello World”;


The statement “$someVariable($name); really call method anyName.

Although I fascinated by how dynamic it is (I remember encounter it at VBA), but personally I against it.
I don’t think it is a good practice, and it’ll be hard to be understand by other programmer.

Or is it because my Java programming paradigm….

Goodbye PT. Simpli Mobile, 1 bulan lagi

Setelah hampir 3 tahun di PT Simpli Mobile, 1 bulan lagi gw pindah ke PT Cherrypicks.
2.5 tahun di Simpli telah memberikan banyak pengalaman dan peningkatan skill terutama di Java Programming.

Thanks buat semua teman-teman di Simpli, terutama yang sudah lama bareng gw di Simpli. 2.5 tahun yang menyenangkan dan seru :)

Di Cherrypicks sendiri walaupun belum diketahui pasti environment dan culture nya, mudah-mudahkan asik dan seru.

Buat teman-teman di Simpli, thanks buat support dan menjadi rekan yang oke selama ini.
Wish me luck ya :)

Integer, Byte, Long Constant Pool in Java

Following the topic about constant pool.
Let’s look inside the source code JDK 1.6, javalangInteger.java :

public static Integer valueOf(int i) {
final int offset = 128;
if (i >= -128 && i <= 127) { // must cache
return IntegerCache.cache[i + offset];
return new Integer(i);

From the source we can see when the value is -128 to 127 it’ll using cache / constant-pool.
So when we run the following code:

Integer i = 20;
Integer i2 = 20;
Integer i3 = 170;
Integer i4 = 170;
System.out.println(“i==i2 : ” + (i==i2) ); // true
System.out.println(“i==i2 : ” + (i3==i4) ); // false

Only value -128 until 127 will be cache. And of course the operator new wil create new object : new Integer(10)!=10.

Java Constant Pool : String

For those who already experienced in Java Programming should already familiar with the concept of String constant pool.

String s1 = “jim”;
String s2 = “jim”;

System.out.println(s1==s2); // true.

Object s2 is the same object with s1. But if you create using new operator:

String s1 = “jim”;
String s2 = new String(“jim”);
System.out.println(s1==s2); //false.

It will allocate new Object instead getting from String constant pool.
Another sample:

String s1 = “jim”;
String s2 = “j”+”im”;
String s3 = “j”;
String im = “im”;
s3+= im;
System.out.println(s1==s2); //true.
System.out.println(s1==s3); //false.

Concatenation during runtime will create new String Object.
Sample if using final modifier:

final String s1 = “j”;
final String s2 = “im”;
String jim = “jim”;
System.out.println(s1+s2 == jim); // returns true: Constant expression.

String s3 = “j”;
String s4 = “im”;
System.out.println(s3 + s4 == jim); // returns false: Not a constant expression.

Concatenation of 2 final String is a Constant.

Although is not necessary for us programmer to know about the detail of JVM implementation about String Constant Pool. Some would say “I’m not stupid, I used equals to check equality of Strings. And I don’t really care how JVM in my OS implemented the damn Constant Pool”. But for me knowing this knowledge is something great, and somehow I think it will help me in the future :)

More information about this : JLS – Lexical Structure

  • Literal strings within the same class (§8) in the same package (§7) represent references to the same String object (§4.3.1).
  • Literal strings within different classes in the same package represent references to the same String object.
  • Literal strings within different classes in different packages likewise represent references to the same String object.
  • Strings computed by constant expressions (§15.28) are computed at compile time and then treated as if they were literals.
  • Strings computed by concatenation at run time are newly created and therefore distinct.

Fallout 3

Fallout (1 & 2) awalnya didevelop oleh Interplay, lalu Interplay tutup dan game ini (Fallout 3) belum sempat diselesaikan.
Bethesda (a video-game studio famous for the Elder Scrolls series) membeli lisensi game ini dari Interplay.
Bethesda mengatakan akan mulai membuat Fallout 3 pada Juli 2004, tetapi tidak dimulai sampai The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion selesai.
2 Mei 2007 kmaren diumumkan bahwa teaser trailer untuk Fallout 3 akan dirilis tanggal 5 Juni 2007.

Jadi untuk maniak Fallout siap-siap download  trailernya buat melihat seperti apa rancangan game ini ditangan Bethesda :)

Links :
Official Fallout 3 website
Official Fallout 3 Forum

VAS (Value-Added Service) introduction

Untuk yang bergelut di dunia Content Provider mungkin istilah VAS / VASP mungkin tidak asing lagi.
Buat yang ngerti tentang VAS ini maka mengutip dari Wikipedia.org :

A value-added service (VAS) is a telecommunications industry term for non-core services or, in short, all services beyond standard voice calls. On a conceptual level, value-added services add value to the standard service offering, spurring the subscriber to use their phone more and allowing the operator to drive up their ARPU. For mobile phones, while technologies like SMS, MMS and GPRS are usually considered value-added services, a distinction may also be made between standard (peer-to-peer) content and premium-charged content.

Value-added services are supplied either in-house by the mobile network operator value-added service provider (VASP). VASPs typically connect to the operator using protocols like Short message peer-to-peer protocolshort message service centre (SMSC) or, increasingly, to a messaging gateway that allows the operator to control and charge of the content better. themselves or by a third-party (SMPP), connecting either directly to the short message service centre (SMSC) or, increasingly, to a messaging gateway that allows the operator to control and charge of the content better.

Singkatnya para Content Provider (CP) membuat layanan dengan bekerja sama dengan operator dan berkomunikasi dengan protocol tertentu yang disepakati.
Dengan demikian maka CP dapat memberikan layanan kepada pengguna ponsel dan melakukan charging sesuai layanan tersebut.

Layanan-layanan yang populer saat ini:

  • Download wallpaper/image
  • Download ringtone/music
  • Quiz berhadiah
  •  Ringbacktone (VAS yang palink populer/menguntungkan didunia?)
  • Download aplikasi/game mobile
  • Dll -> Layanan-layanan unik lainnya

Demikian pengenalan mengenai VAS untuk hari ini ^^


Waters everywhere…
That’s what happen at Sunter Podomoro since Saturday, Feb 3 2007
Raining several days really make several places Jakarta flooding
At several places like Kemang, Tebet, Kalibata, etc the water height reached 1-3 meters :-(
The flood at Gading is worse than Sunter, about 1/2 meters
This is a picture from my house’s 2nd floor