Android Application – Spy Camera OS (Open Source)

Spy Camera OS (Open Source) Banner

Spy Camera OS (Open Source) Banner

It’s been a while I create new post.

This time I want to promote my android application :

Spy Camera OS (Open Source)
Everyone at one time will want to capture image without anyone notice it.

It’s an open source project which make me learn deeper about what I can do with camera in android and various device compatibility issues.
I’m thinking to write related Android camera utilization related to this application.

You can download the application at: Google Play
Source code:

Features (version 0.1.0):
- Small size application
- Full/max camera resolution
- Fast capture
- Back/front camera
- Auto shot with delay setting
- Face detection auto shot
- Black screen (touch to capture)
- Pinch to zoom
- Hide/show folder on Gallery
- Vibration
- Video Recording (New & Experimental)
- Save to internal/external storage


  1. The code looks great. I’ve been trying to write my own app to do motion detection on pictures taken. I have several Android phones with no service that I would like to leave out in the woods as game cameras. I have a 4G hotspot hooked up to a battery and a solar panel and these phones are connected to the wireless. I would like to use them as game cameras where when they detect motion they upload a pic to my dropbox or ftp it to my server. I’ve found this and I would like to mate it with SpyCamera.

  2. Hi Jimmy. First congratulations for the app, it´s great! I´ve been testing other apps and deleting afterwards since they don´t work well, but this is the 1st one I´ve kept and started to use. The only issue is that although I checked “Hide SpyCamera folder in galler”, the “SpyCamera” albums/folders are still there! I almost had a big problem because of that, when my wife wanted to check the latest pictures we took from our son… I managed to delete the folder first!
    What should I do to have this hide function working?
    BTW I have a Samsung Galaxy S3 with the latest firmware.
    Thanks in advance!

  3. Jim,

    I’ve mailed you through gmail. I was wondering if you were interested in the modifications I made to your app, in particular: the possibility to use public key encryption to store photos on the phone as un-decryptable blobs that you can only decrypt on a workstation. Maybe you think it’s not the way to go for your app, but I’d like a reply. The code is virtually ready.

  4. HI there,

    Congratulations for the good work.

    I would like to engage you to develop a camera application for us. Please let me kno if we can talk about.

  5. Hi
    Jimmy I download your great app and I enjoy it.
    I want translate your app and publish that in Iranians Market.
    Are u agree?
    Please inform me.

  6. Hi Jimmy ,i m a college student , I need ur application source for my main project , but unfortunately the link of source is dead now would u mind send source code for me
    my email address is

  7. Hi Jimmy your application sounds good.
    Jimmy, I need your application source code. would you mind send source code for me please at
    Actually I am in need of it, as it would be helpful in letting me complete my work.

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