Android Market error on downloading (Error Downloading. There is insufficient space on the device.)

Today suddenly when I want to download an application from my Android tablet, I receiving this error : “Error Downloading xyzxyz. There is insufficient space on the device.”
It’s only displaying the error on downloading application with big size.

After browsing around, I found out that the cache folder (that I assume used by the market) is using small partition (around 20mb in my case).

So to solve this we need to change it to bigger partition.

  1. You gonna need Android Terminal Simulator or equivalent terminal app. This will also require your Android rooted.
  2. Type ‘su’ (root permission request will be showned, you need to approve it).
  3. Type ‘cd /’
  4. Type ‘umount /cache’
  5. Type ‘mount -o rw,remount -t rootfs rootfs /’ (to set the folder access to rw – read write)
  6. Type ‘rmdir /cache’ (delete cache folder)
  7. I personally using root explorer to do point 5-6
  8. Type ‘mkdir /sdcard/cache’
  9. Type ‘ln -s /sdcard/cache /cache’ (to link cache folder to /sdcard/cache – which shoud have bigger partition size)

Try to rerun your Android Market and download big applications


  1. @Dragos: mount/unmount will require root access, no idea about workaround for unrooted phone..

    @DuckyVader: strange, have you try restart the android then directly go to terminal.. and make sure there’s no service running accessing the folder

  2. I tried that too, didn’t end up working for me either… I ended up blowing up the phone and installing a fresh/recent CM7 nightly build for my phone. Then the first thing I ran was this, and all is fine now… :) Thank you for the assist though…

  3. Whenever I get to the line where I have to enter “unmount /cache”, it says, “unmount: not found”. I have tried with both the -f and the -l, but neither of these work for me. Any ideas?

  4. Thanks man. Great solution very clearly laid out for linux noobs like me :-)

    well, actually 20 years ago I knew my way around unix… but have been since Redmondofied ;-)

  5. Hi I’ve tried this, and now I am unable to pull updates from Android Market, it just closes down, or it says theres a download error, and after that, the programs I have tried to update is listed under uninstalled programs in the market, despite they are still installed on my phone. Do you have a solution for this?

  6. Hi,

    This worked.
    … then however, A week later I had the same error come up. I repeated the steps above and it fixed it again.

    Can you think of anything that would have reset the settings? I wonder if “Market” does it?

  7. @Bjarke:
    Not sure how to solve it since I don’t experience that. Update on my Galaxy Tab 7 is normal

    Same as above this issue might on specific device/rom only

  8. guys all went gud for me bt im unable to go thru 6th step.
    whenevr i got thru rmdir /cache it always says rmdir failed for /cache,Read-only file system.

    can any1 help me on dis plz…
    im facing dis problem for so long tried everything written on other posts but cudnt find a solution.
    plzz help!!!!!

  9. Do I need to type the symbols too? arghh…It makes me crazy enough! All I have type and I press enter it says: not found. someone please help me TT

  10. it worked with my HTC Inspire but it effected my “Aptoide” application, it stopped downloading, until i rebooted the phone when the Android Market stopped working again and got my “Aptoide” back. any idea how to fix it permanently (even after rebooting)and keep both markets ?

  11. @yoong: you can try hacker keyboard or other keyboard that have ‘tab’ it will help you autocomplete the command/directory name

    @bking007 & @3la2: what’s your phone? From the comment I see some is experience like you guys, it got reset after reboot which I don’t experience.
    Not sure about this Aptoide application strange behavior though

  12. I have an HTC Evo 4g, and started receiving this problem two weeks ago(had myy phone for over a year). The steps above work wonders, but like bking007, I have to repeat this after a reboot, and am also wondering of a permanent fix.

    This didn’t start for me until I upgraded to the “Google Play Store” from the “Android Market.” Could it be coincidental?

  13. Thank you Sir! I’ve been looking for a solution for this problem for like 2 months, but nothing was realy helpfull as you tip up there. Worked like a charm in my Coby Kyros 7022. Much apreciated.

  14. i tried this and it worked. but after a reboot, google play went back to the same error.

    should i do this every time i turn on my phone?

  15. @Mgeas: You need to remove /cache folder or file. have you execute rmdir /cache (or try rm /cache)

    @hardk: I’ve received comment these kind of issue happen to some device. I think the solution is to create script to create symbolic link everytime android boot up.

  16. Hello,

    I have a rooted my HD2 (originally comes with WinMo, currently running Android 2.3.2).
    Using another app I saw that my cache partition is only 10MB so I can not install even applications like Skype :(

    I tried the suggested fix in your post above – everything went smoothly, no errors while executing commands. Tried running the Market, but when I started downloading an app it simply crashed (Force close). Cleared data/cache – same. After a reboot the changes reverted :(

  17. df -h
    says that /cache has only 52,0K free, so it’s obviously a large error here :)

    I had the constant problem with umount /cache failing because it was busy.

    It seems like it’s enough to do:
    cd /cache
    mv download download-old
    mkdir /sdcard/cache
    mkdir /sdcard/cache/download
    ln -s /sdcard/cache/download download

    This will redirect the /cache/download to your sdcard.

  18. done but still not working. cache in sdcard and removed from root and pointing to it. still not working when trying to install angry birds star wars…. any thoughts?

  19. Thanks a lot. This helped me go through 3 days of research trying to flash and reflash ROMs to get it working on Optimus Max v2 ROM. U rock…

  20. hi there thanks for this amazing info it currently says -s not found im on the last step lol any ideas buddy?
    cheers mate its a galaxy ace plus :O)

  21. sorry about that i missed the ln -s lol anyway for some reason it still says error 498 totally unsure why? any ideas mate?cheers buddy

  22. actually its screwing the phone cahce … have tried many times… i think ill have to reinstall dalvik-cache now.. try keeping dalvik there ??? somehow ? without mobing everything

  23. you need to break this down like you would for your great grandpaw for me. I downloaded A “terminal emulator” app and i attempted the commands but i only get ‘su’ not found or su not found or “su” not found so please help this old fart…..I really think they program stuff like this so you will just buy a new phone

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  26. Hi, Jimmy, i just bought a phone which only have 150MB internal storage, i couldnt download app which is larger than 40MB, i have used link2sd to move all the apps to the 2nd partition, and now, the internal free space is around 40MB, i have a 2gb sd card, is it possible to move the cache to sdcard instead of link to sdcard? Because even if i linked, it is still showing insufficient space when i download file which is larger than 40MB, because my internal storage just left 40MB free space.

  27. Hi Jim, after ive done “su” then “cd /”, and type in “umount /cache” it says “Failed :Invalid argument”
    Can you please help me?

  28. Hello there,

    Thanks for sharing this piece of info.
    But I have no idea about rooting the phone.

    Please provide us with clear 1-2-3 steps, step by step in order to do it coz I have this probem and wanna solve it ASAP necessarily.

    I’ll be waiting your reply soon.


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