Jimmy's Blog – Slide Number Puzzle Game with Echo2 Framework

I’m checking Echo2 framework these couple days and try to make a simple game just to get to know the framework better.
Since I’m not a JavaScript expert it’s good to know that there’s framework that I can use to create AJAX web app with desktop feel easily.
The game is about re-ordering number by moving number to the empty space. It’s simple and fun, this sample is hardcoded to only support 3×3 size.

I assume you know Java, JSP, Servlet basics.
Download Echo 2 from : Echo2 Website
I personally use Eclipse for my IDE.

Step by step:
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Jimmy's Blog – Send & Receiving SMS on specific Port with J2ME Application

It’s been a while since I write an article, personal and work have been taken my time much lately.

What I will write is not a new things, maybe a lot of article already write this kind of feature. But yesterday I see this kind of project request in freelancer.com so I decide to create a simple sample and write an article about it.

Java Mobile (J2ME) application have a capability to send or receive SMS, but the phone need to support JSR-120 (Wireless Messaging API – WMA 1.0) or JSR-205 (WMA 2.0)
How to check if the phone is supporting this? Easy way if the phone’s brand website. For example for Nokia E72 we can see the technical specifications at http://developer.nokia.com/Devices/Device_specifications/E72/
If your phone doesn’t have WMA library the application will prompt error (the error can be different from one phone to another)
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