Solving Pidgin cannot connect to Yahoo Messenger (YM)

Starting June 18 I started having problem connecting to YM with Pidgin.
Somehow it’s random I can connect or not.

I google and several article/forum writing that need to flush dns cache and also about several YM server cannot be accessed from Pidgin.

I try my friend advice to change YM server configuration to IP rather than domain name.
And it’s worked..
You will need to use as Pager server since June 24, or you can update to pidgin 2.5.7 to solve this problem

Some people are reporting changing the Pager server didn’t solve the problem, you can follow these instruction to update your pidgin to latest version (for Ubuntu) : Updating Pidgin to latest version in Ubuntu

The steps: 1. Select menu Accounts – Manage Accounts
Pidgin - manage accounts

2. Select your Yahoo Messenger account & click ‘modify’

3. Select advanced tab

4. Change your pager server to :
Pidgin - YM configuration

5. Then disabled & enabled your account. Or restart the pidgin.

And your Pidgin should able connect to YM

List IPs can be used (thanks to Med): – – – – – – – –

Starting June 24 using IP doesn’t seems to work anymore, try to use :


  1. It resolved the problem. Thanks Jimmy!

    ‘Pager configuration’ is misleading. It should be ‘Pager server’.


  2. Here is a list of Yahoo server IPs;

    Yahoo servers:
    Adresses: – – – – – – – – ………. etc. …170….171….172…

  3. Thank you so much… XD
    I have been wondering why I can’t use my pidgin to ym since 2 days ago.. while my friend who uses ym application from yahoo doesn’t seem to have any problem..

  4. Thanks very much for the information. I’d noticed I couldn’t get into YM the last few days but assumed it was something local.. the change you outline above solved it.


  5. This solution helped me a great deal, it got Pidgin back up and running for me. I noticed today though that several of the manually entered server addresses were not working for me. I set the settings back to the pidgin default and everything seems fine again. Just figured I would post it in case anyone found Yahoo not loading again after fixing it.

  6. Yesterday this information solved my problem. But today I can’t conect to Yahoo again. I have try most if the IP address mention above but always get the same error “Could not establish a connection with the server. Conection refused.” What the problem now ?

  7. @Adrie: try to use (those IP doesn’t seems to work anymore since Yahoo change their protocol(?))
    Or you can try to update your pidgin to version 2.5.7

  8. Thank you so much jimmy.
    It works, I can login to the messenger again.
    Why did Yahoo never give any information about this ? Or did I missed something ?
    Unfortunately I still used Fedora 10 and the new version of pidgin still not available on their repository. But without upgrading my pidgin still ok, just changing the server name.

  9. I had the same problem,for the past one week we had just add to /etc/hosts it was working.Again from today the same issue stated, As per the above mention suggestion, i tried out, it works great.,

  10. I had to change the server setting back to Pidgin default today after having the numerical IP setting work for a couple of days…not sure why but it’s fixed (again!)!

  11. jim, i think that the correct page server is not
    but it’s

    i try this one and it works :-)
    anyway, thanks for updating your article

  12. Thanks for the information. I was wondering why I haven’t been able to connect to Yahoo through Pidgin these last few days. I’m glad I was able to stumble upon your post. Cheers! =)

  13. Thanx. That seems to have done it, but changing it before to a direct IP did as well. Is this a Pidgin bug, or is Yahoo constantly changing their server?

  14. @All: you’re welcome. Good to know my article help you guys.

    @delufix: thanks for pointing out my misstyped :)

    @cbstxbill : If I’m not mistaken, Yahoo changing their protocol (protocol 16?). So somehow it’s affecting pidgin.. but pidgin version 2.5.7 state that they already fix this ym problem.

  15. Kmaren lalu pake ip ad. dan hari ini, ternyata ngga bisa konek.
    Setelah Pager server diganti lagi dengan:

    Langsung konekting lagi.

    Thanx berat, infonya bung!

  16. using pidgin 2.5.7 seems working on yahoo server but it can receive any files from others. intstead, using 2.5.5 version with make user can’t join to any room…plz help..

  17. using scsa only work on 2.5.7 version but 2.5.7 weakness is it cant receive any file..using seems to be work in 2.5.5 but the problems comes when i try to get into the room list..i cant join any room in chatroom…i tried all the server from suggestion but still not working properly…plz help…

  18. it worked. thanks.
    but there is still problem.
    no avatar/pic appears in any of my friends
    in the list. also, i cannot recieve file anymore.

  19. hello,
    Thank you very much for helping……
    Now thw yahoo messenger is working fine but i cannot enter into any rooms. It showing the room list but when we select a room and click the join button it did not showing anything..please help……

    I am waiting for your reply..

  20. Pidgin tdk bisa login ke Yahoo Messenger.

    page server sdh diganti jadi :

    tapi msh gak bisa connect. hanya keluar blank pages gitu.


  21. Pidgin cannot connect to YM, I’ve already changed my page serger into :, but still not connect. Just blank pages. why? My pidgin version is : 2.5.1. Please help ! Thanks

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