Blackberry sending delivered notification email

I just realize that when sending to blackberry device when the email received on blackberry and the sender request delivered notification, it will automatically send delivered notification back to the sender.

And there’s no option to disable this.
Maybe it’s like a ‘feature’, but in my opinion it’s suck to cannot select whether we want to sent this delivered notification or not.
For spammer this could be good ‘feature’ since they will know which email still actively receiving their spam.

In my blackberry curve there’s only option to disable ‘read notification’, which located at message – options – email settings.
But read notification is not delivered notification, when I disable sending read notification still the blackberry sending delivered notification automatically.
This is sucks, anyone know how to solve this issue?

Solving Pidgin cannot connect to Yahoo Messenger (YM)

Starting June 18 I started having problem connecting to YM with Pidgin.
Somehow it’s random I can connect or not.

I google and several article/forum writing that need to flush dns cache and also about several YM server cannot be accessed from Pidgin.

I try my friend advice to change YM server configuration to IP rather than domain name.
And it’s worked..
You will need to use as Pager server since June 24, or you can update to pidgin 2.5.7 to solve this problem

Some people are reporting changing the Pager server didn’t solve the problem, you can follow these instruction to update your pidgin to latest version (for Ubuntu) : Updating Pidgin to latest version in Ubuntu

The steps: Continue reading

Solving failed starting mysql service with non default datadir (Ubuntu)

I used to put my mysql data dir to /home/mysql, just to separated the partition so when something goes wrong or upgrading the OS I won’t lose my mysql data just because I forgot to backup it.

After I upgrade from Ubuntu 8.04 to Ubuntu 9.04 suddenly my mysql failed to start.
The strange thing the only data dir seems working is putting it on /var/lib/mysql which is the default directory for mysql data dir.

After browsing around I found out that it is apparmor that prevent mysql datadir on different directory.

So the easy way to solve this is to remove apparmor : apt-get –purge remove apparmor

Move the blog to new domain

After a while since I updated my blog I decide to move the blog from to my on domain

Although the hosting service is local but the server is at USA for better international access speed.

I still not sure whether to use or a new sub domain

A friend of mine whose expert in SEO told me that subdirectory is better than subdomain in term of SEO.
But I think a subdomain look a lot cooler ;)